About Maryville Street Kung Fu

Enrolling in Street Kung Fu will make you a part of our Kung Fu family. As a student you will find a warm, friendly learning environment as we personally work with you and monitor your progress to help you quickly gain the many benefits of Kung Fu.

Street Kung Fu Chi prides itself on offering real Street Kung Fu from real instructors that have fully devoted themselves to the arts. From the first lesson you will gain the personal rewards of working one-on-one with our skilled instructors.

Street Kung Fu prides itself on offering self defense training for real life and death confrontations. We don’t incorporate any techniques or training procedures unless they are practical and effective in everyday situations. We’ve spent a great deal of time, energy, and effort to perfect and prioritize training and exercises that develop a devastating, powerful, efficient fighting style based on personal safety and the proper use of force.

Street Kung Fu opened its doors in Maryville TN in 2001 under the direction and leadership of SiGung (SiGung simply means Master Teacher) Richard Clear.  Since then, Street Kung Fu, or SKF, has grown into a Downtown Maryville location, down the road from Sullivan’s and Barleys, and across the street from Two Doors Down and Brackens Blues Club. We provide group classes in true self defense and fitness to hundreds of students wanting to become safe and fit.  Additionally, SKF provides self defense classes to law enforcement agencies, US military units, woman’s groups and other organizations.

Our Mission

Street Kung Fu believes every person has a specific purpose and cannot be replaced. No one should walk in fear or feel as though they can’t fulfill their goals. You only get one life on earth, and it’s worth protecting! To accomplish this goal, SKF utilizes a holistic approach to self defense. Ultimately, YOUR safety and YOUR quality of life is up to you. Our goal at SKF is to empower YOU and help YOU reach your full potential, positively impacting your safety, your family, your community, and your health.

SiGung Richard Clear

Si-Gung Richard Clear has studied in the U.S. China and Canada. He has over 35 years of continuous study in the martial arts, psychology, philosophy, medicine and physiology. Si-Gung Clear is the Creator of a unique program of 1 Touch Knockouts. He began teaching in 1983. In 1990, he opened his first Pentjak Silat martial arts school in Tampa, Florida. In November 2001 he relocated Clear’s Silat National Headquarters to the Smoky Mountains in Maryville Tennessee.

Si-Gung Clear and his highly successful schools have been featured in Inside Kung fu magazine, Fox National News, World Net News Daily, as well as other local television and media all over the U.S.

His training includes over ten styles of Silat and Kung Fu and Systema, as well as intensive knowledge of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. His certifications include a Maha Guru (senior teacher/ master) level in Pentjak Silat, a Master level (Si-Gung) in internal Kung Fu, and he received his Instructor certification in Systema in May of 2003. Si-Gung Clear is professionally sanctioned by the Kun Tao Silat Association International, Kun Tao Silat deThouars, Silat Kilap Betawi DeThouars, Malabar Fighting Arts USA, Black Tiger Fighting Society, Jackson’s Wu Shu Institute, and the Jian Mei Internal Arts Association.