Most individuals that are seeking information about Street Kung Fu have many reservations and are uncertain about what to expect. For this reason, we’ve compiled the “Top Ten” most asked questions about SKF. We believe that our self defense classes, our training theories, our level of expertise, our skill, our integrity, and the cost of Street Kung Fu classes are the best value by far. We want you to be safe, to be fit, and to build great relationships while doing so.  To have a community of individuals that won’t walk in fear, ever!

I’m interested, what’s next?

If you’re interested in self defense we’re interested in meeting you! Your first two classes are free. You do not need an appointment, but we recommend you call ahead at (865) 379-9997 so we can put you in the best starting class. We ask that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to class time so that we can show you around and introduce you personally to your instructor for the class. We find that seeing the classes in action helps you to understand more than words could ever explain. It also helps to ensure that we will provide you with the training that suits your needs and abilities.

Should I get in shape first?

We’re asked this question all the time. The simple answer is – NO! We tell each person that comes to SKF that they start exactly where they are today – whether that means you just got off the couch for the first time today or you’ve been doing triathlons for years. The instructors will challenge you. You are probably going to sweat. But we encourage each person to work to their capability. If you need to take a break or get a drink of water, do it. Remember, your potential aggressor doesn’t care what shape you’re in. You have to start somewhere, why not start at Street Kung Fu.

Am I too Old?

You’re never too old to defend yourself! There is only one you, and you are worth protecting. Does this mean that you might not move as fast or learn as quickly? Maybe. But you might also have some wisdom behind you that allows you the ability to think and respond in a different light. We have students from 16 – 70 years of age. Again, your potential aggressor doesn’t care about your age.

What should I wear to the first class?

General athletic clothing – t-shirt, sweat pants or jogging pants, and athletic shoes are fine. You will get sweaty, so make sure it’s something in which you are comfortable.

Is it safe?

Our approach to self defense and the martial arts is different from TaeKwonDo, Karate, or any of the other sport focused arts. Our instructors have practiced the real martial arts for years and know what to look for to prevent injuries before they happen. Is it possible you might get bruised or scuffed? Maybe. Will you have sore muscles? YES! Is it safe. Definitely!

I have limitations, can I train?

Many of us have physical limitations. We have lived life and have the scars to prove it. However, regardless of of physical abilities, every person has the right and responsibility to protect themselves and their loved ones. Come as you are, and we will asses your individual needs and requirements!

I hurt my ______, can I train?

The staff at SKF are not medical professionals that can assess injuries. As a general rule, if it hurts, don’t do it. However, we find that many of us are out of shape because exercise is not…well, fun! Therefore, a better rule is: if it causes risk to your health, further damage to an injury, or the doctor says no, don’t do it. Our goal at Street Kung Fu is for you to learn to be safe and become physically fit while having fun. Training with true injuries only hinders your progression in these efforts. We do ask that you make the staff aware of injuries prior to class. Often times, minor injuries can be accommodated to allow training while still protecting the injury itself.

Do you require a uniform?

As a member of Street Kung Fu you are provided with a branded black shirt. This serves two purposes. First, it allows our instructors to very quickly identify a visitor in class. Secondly, it provides an environment that is focused on the task at hand – learning the arts – not on the visual distractions that could occur or the divisive nature that could creep in with t-shirt designs, etc.


The cost of classes will vary depending on your training intentions. We do not publish our rates simply because it is difficult to establish what class and skill level you’re at. Your training intentions help us to identify what will be best for you. We are of the mindset that, “If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you will find an excuse.” Therefore, for budgeting purposes, fees can range between $100 and $200 a month for unlimited classes. We do offer discounts to law enforcement and first responders, military, and family multiples. Regardless of the direction you choose, your first payment, which includes a registration fee, will be higher compared to your regular monthly tuition.