What’s the Difference Between MMA & Street Effective Self Defense? Part II

Continuing our discussion from the previous post about the difference between MMA fighters and my training/what we teach in our self-defense and martial arts for adults classes. If you’re taking classes with us, you know that the best self-defense result for you and your loved ones is to evade your attackers and escape unharmed, but for now we’re talking a little more about street attacks. . .

In an extremely violent street attack by someone young, strong and built, I will do whatever I can as rapidly as I can to end the attack.

I will not stop until one of us is completely incapacitated or dead because that is the reality of a terrible street attack.

Make no mistake, this is a fight to the death and it is them or you.

If this means stabbing them with my knife, biting them, gouging, taking out one or both of his eyes, crushing his throat, breaking whatever small joint I can, stomping, using whatever objects might be laying around as a weapon, etc., then all that is acceptable.

In my martial art, Clear Silat Street Kung Fu, such tactics are a part of street real self defense. MMA practitioners primarily train for the ring.

In real street self defense survival is the key and there is no such thing as cheating against a criminal attacker (mugger, murderer, rapist).

My street real self defense arts vs MMA looks at the primary weaknesses on a human body and makes a study of the most expedient way to exploit them so that a 98 pound girl or middle aged business executive can have a hope of defending her or himself against an angry 250 pound muscle bound guy.

This means his eyes, throat, testicles, arteries, knees and life are all good attack options and major points of time and study. She does not want to wrestle, trade hits or be in the situation any longer than absolutely necessary because she cannot afford to exchange blows with such a person without her risking her life. By the way, the same can be said for the average person whether they be older, weaker (not lifting weights for a couple of hours every day), sicker such as being a diabetic or having parkinsons or just being the average person living a normal life.

The vast majority of MMA stylists who participate and train for competitions can not honestly say they train for the street and to prevent real attacks because when was the last time you saw a fight in an octogon?

Or ring match that was a real, true to life, ugly, no rules, street manner fight without the participants immediately getting disqualified?

How many times has an octogon or ring match opponent showed up to fight with a knife? Baseball bat? Or had a group/gang of attackers inside the ring to help him?

In fact if the MMA fighter showed up and did half of the things that a real street self defense art considers and trains for and against then they would get barred and eventually completely banned from competition.

So the key takeaway here is that real muggings and attacks need real self defense like we teach at Street Kung Fu here in Maryville, TN. These aren’t tactics for children learning a sports martial art. These are martial arts for adults who want to learn to defend themselves.


Richard Clear

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