What’s the Difference Between MMA & Street Effective Self Defense? Part III

This is our final post concerning the differences between MMA fighting (whose main goals are sport & fitness) & Street Effective Self Defense (whose main goals are escape, survival, incapacitate).

The typical response that I have received from most of the 15 MMA types who have challenged me, is summarized as them telling me that my idea of martial arts is messed up and not moral or ethical.

The problem is that they came to me thinking that their view of fighting is the reality of real self defense, and it’s not!

If MMA was the reality of street fights then life would be simple and there would be no need for real self defense arts.

I could simply say “You Win and I concede the fight” and the conflict would be over. Murderers are not generous or sportsmanlike.

Real attacks are generally brutally evil events that are designed to completely destroy and take advantage of the intended victim. Fairness and civility was NEVER a part of the equation for the attacker and the defender seriously risks their life if they do not take the situation seriously. This is a potentially lethal event because the criminal does not care and is not constrained by any rules or regulations.

This is the primary difference between real Street Effective Self Defense vs MMA.

In a real street situation, if I am having a bad day where I am old, out of shape, injured, sick or tired and distracted I can not simply concede the fight. The attackers are very likely to laugh and then do their best to torture and humiliate me before they kill me.

I wish the harsh reality of street situations and the crime wave we are currently experiencing here in America was different.

But my wishing does not make it so.

So I train and teach real world self defense for adults instead of MMA.

Point of Interest – I have been challenged by a lot of MMA fighters, but I have never been challenged by someone who trains for self defense. I think the reason for this is fairly simple. As soon as a challenger steps forward and makes a challenge he may be practicing fighting but he is definitely no longer practicing self DEFENSE.

Thank you MMA guys for putting on good tv. Please keep the show going.


Richard Clear

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